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Do you want to give a professional look to your brand? You’ve arrived at your destination. At embroidersly, we turn your ideas into stitches. Whether your brand logo contains fonts or colorful artwork, embroidering it is where we excel. Wonder why we’re so confident about our work? It’s because our team of embroiderers is unmatched when it comes to computerized machine embroidery.

Our production line is fitted with state-of-the-art tools that ensure the best embroidery digitizing service. embroidersly believes in professionalism which leaves space for nothing but quality and punctuality. So get in touch if you’re looking for an online digitizing embroidery service! 

Computerized Digitizing Services for Embroidery

Do you want embroidery patches in bulk? Or do you want to digitize embroidery on your jacket as a fashion statement? Or maybe you own an embroidery machine and just want an embroidery design file from us? Embroidersly is here to fulfill all these requirements along with various others. Embroidersly has mastered the craft of providing the best embroidery digitizing services in the USA. We use computerized machine embroidery software to provide all sorts of embroidery digitized services.

Our Portfolio

Our Digitizing Services for Embroidery

Our decades of experience as professional embroidery digitizers have enabled us to offer a wide range of embroidery digitizing services. We deal in the following types of computerized machine embroidery services:

Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Our team of digitizers is fully capable of working on small logos as well as complex and customized digitizing.

Vector Art Services

our embroiders can create the vector art from scratch, depending on your preferences.

Custom Jacket Embroidery

Machine Embroidery includes computerized jackets and hoodie embroidery as well.

Logo and Monogram

Benefit from an affordable digitizing embroidery service and have your logos, monogram, and name embroidered to give your brand a unique identity.

Cap/Hat Digitizing

Want your brand to be known and stand out from the competition? You must go for cap or hat digitizing.

3d/Puff Digitizing

3D/Puff digitizing makes the logo/design look prominent and real. The embroiders at Embroidersly are acquired with the nitty-gritty of 3D/Puff digitizing and perform a neat and clean job.

Raised Embroidery

Raised embroidery is 3D embroidery but with additional steps. It's a cooler and more artistic way to give your artwork 3D and real sensations.

Vector Art Conversion

We make top-quality vector art files in SVG, adobe eps, ai, and Corel draw formats, to name a few.

Computerized machine embroidery Process

A piece of fabric goes through multiple steps in the machine embroidery process. The process is monitored by an operator armed with extra needles, scissors, bobbins, and other machine embroidery essentials, to fix errors as they arise. Moreover, there are other factors at play that determine the quality of the embroidery; these include fabric and thread type, design size and complexity, and the stabilizer utilized. Here is a basic overview of embroidering a design with a computerized embroidery machine:

  • First, we make a digital design file based on the customer’s sketch/artwork. This design may take a few hours, depending on the design’s complexity.
  • We use the latest version of Wilcom software and make four types of files. The 1st is a .emb file which is Wilcom’s file format. The .emb file contains all the information about the digitized design. Then there is the .dst file fed to the machine through a USB. This file contains stitching instructions. Then there is a .jpg and .pdf file. The .pdf file contains the stitches count, color, and trims. Besides, if a client asks for a .pes or .cnde file extension, we also provide that.
  • The next step is to feed the embroidery file into the machine, but first, we make sure that the machine supports the file format. The file is fed to the machine through a USB. The machine first traces the design and its size.
  • Also, we ensure the hoop is at least 2x times bigger than the design so that the needle doesn’t collide with the hoop.
  • A stabilizer is placed beneath the fabric in 2 layers (vertical & horizontal) to make it stiff so that the fabric remains intact during stitching and design clarity is maintained. 
  • We then decide the position of embroidery on the fabric and mark that location.
  • Once the location is determined, we fix the fabric in a hoop and place it under the needle.
  • Then, we position the needle over the point we had marked earlier.
  • Next, we monitor the process and tackle the errors in case they arise.
  • Once the machine is done with embroidering, we remove the hoop from the design and secure the fabric. We also trim any loose threads and the stabilizer.

Why do Screenprinting, Local Residents, and Garment Factory owners trust us?

Becky ReedBecky Reed
20:03 17 Dec 23
I had a logo/emblem that I created. I sent a .jpg of the logo/emblem for a digitized stitch file and was returned a pdf of the logo with stitch count and dst file that local embroiderer needed. I asked for edits and it is absolutely perfect! Once the t-shirts are made I can add a photo!
M MarianoM Mariano
20:29 01 Aug 23
Quick and great customer service from this company! Highly recommended!
John DavidheiserJohn Davidheiser
18:38 08 Jun 23
We ordered our 2 color logo for our quick service food stores. Embroidersly gave quick response, quick turnaround, and a great price. They made revisions without additional charges. Good quality stitch. We will use Embroidersly again and refer to others. PayPal worked okay.

Embroidery digitizing service Company in the USA?

Embroidersly is one of the USA’s leading names in embroidery digitizing services. We have gained the trust of locals as well as distant clients. We have served both small and big businesses and will continue serving.

Embroidery machine digitizing service

We at Embroidersly provide all sorts of online embroidery digitizing services, so all your embroidery needs are fulfilled here. On top of that, you get cheap deals at our shop without compromising the quality. So hop into the computerized machine embroidery bandwagon to get your dream artwork stitched to reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment to doing an excellent job and making sure you’re informed and involved throughout the process distinguishes us from the rest of the field.

Embroidersly embroider digitizers are the most trustworthy in the USA for providing computerized machine embroidery services. At Embroidersly embroidery digitizing, our digitizers leave no stone unturned for 100% customer contentment. You, being our customer, can ask for as many revisions as you want, and we will happily comply. Our professional team comprises highly skilled embroiders and digitizers in this line of work. Their years of experience have made us well-versed in the nitty-gritty of computerized machine embroidery. Do you want to give a professional look to your brand? You’ve arrived at your destination. At embroidersly, we turn your ideas into stitches. Whether your brand logo contains fonts or colorful artwork, embroidering it is where we excel. Wonder why we’re so confident about our work? It’s because our team of embroiderers is unmatched when it comes to computerized machine embroidery.

Our prices are based on the number of stitches. A thousand stitches cost $0.99. However, this is a basic price, which may change based on the design complexity and the type of embroidery.

The stitches are counted/estimated after the embroidery job is done, and $0.99 is charged per thousand stitches.

Yes! We know how big of a turn-off it is when your order doesn’t meet your expectations. Thus we walk the extra mile to satisfy our customers with our free-of-cost sample program. A free sample is sent to the customer for inspection, and if they’re satisfied with it, only then we start working on the order. By trying on the sample, the customer tells us what changes he wants in the design.

We produce and send the files in the following formats:

  • EMB (Wilcom’s embroidery design file): contains all the information about the design
  • DST (Data Stitch Tajima): contains stitch commands for embroidery machine, i.e., stitch count, number of colors changes, etc.
  • JPG and PDF files containing the design image and stitch count, color, and trims, respectively.
  • We can also provide other file formats based on client requirements, such as PES or CNDE.

Embroidersly has been providing embroidery digitizing services for almost a decade now. We provide all sorts of embroidery services in all the states of the USA. Clients from throughout the USA trust us as their go-to shop for quality and cheap embroidery digitizing services. No matter where you are based in the USA, you’ll receive your order in a timely manner.

Contact us at order@embroidersly.com by sending your logo/artwork in any form. It’s also better to describe your requirements in the email briefly. After that, our team member will contact you for further discussions about the project.

Typically a bulk of about 500 pieces take around 7-10 business days after the contract is signed. For small orders, it takes 2-6 hours, based on the complexity of the design.

No, we entertain all clients regardless of order size. So even if you want one piece, we are happy to serve you.

The size of the logo/embroidery is determined by its placement. We will guide you about the suitable size according to the placement if you aren’t sure about it.

Yes, we offer embroidery digitizing services on several types of fabrics and apparel, including the sleeves and the hood.

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