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Getting artwork embroidered from raster images can be frustrating as the fine details aren’t done properly. For this reason, We are providing scalable vector graphics (SVG) or vector art services as an alternative to Raster/bitmap graphics. Our vector conversion artists possess the skills and expertise to transform pixel-based raster images into scalable vector graphics while preserving the quality and ensuring the adaptability of the artwork for various purposes.

We vectorized jpeg, gif, png, or any blurry low-resolution image into stunning, infinitely scalable vector graphics. Using precise geometric shapes defined on a Cartesian plane – points, lines, curves, and polygons – we craft visually captivating visuals perfect for all your design needs. Also, we have hundreds of positive testimonials to back our experience, quality, and satisfaction.

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What we Provide

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Get rid of Pixelation by Vectorization

At Embroidersly, we proudly offer top-tier vector art services that harness the power of precision and scalability. In the world of visual content, the difference between raster and vector graphics can be significant. Raster images, composed of pixels, suffer from limitations like pixelation and loss of quality when enlarged. This is where our expertise comes into play. We excel in the art of vectorization, seamlessly converting two-dimensional images into accurately crafted vector representations.

Our vector art experts understand the mathematical curves and gradients, and we ensure that your photos remain sharp, clear, and infinitely scalable. Whether it’s converting traditional artwork, enhancing logos, or creating stunning graphics from scratch, our vectorization process guarantees visuals that defy the constraints of resolution. At Embroidersly, we don’t just offer vector art services; we elevate your visual content to a new level of clarity and adaptability.

Custom Vector Conversion ​​

Embroidersly takes pride in offering customized vector art services in the industry. We have successfully completed hundreds of vector art projects, which reflects that we have decades of experience in the field. We understand the intricacy that’s needed to curate vector art. In addition, our extensive experience benefits our clients as we provide exceptional printing and embroidery digitizing.

Embroidersly specializes in custom vector conversion, offering top-notch vector art services. With decades of experience, we handle intricate vector designs expertly. Our team transforms camera-ready artwork into stunning vector illustrations, tailored to your needs, and we do it quickly.

Our vector design services are renowned for precision, making your artwork ready for printing, embroidery, or any application. Trust us to deliver exceptional results in custom vector conversion, ensuring your designs are camera-ready and impressive.


Vector Art Services: Converting Images To SVG

Our comprehensive offerings encompass a wide range of conversions to vector art, ensuring that your visuals are not only visually captivating but also highly adaptable for any application. Whether it’s converting raster images, enhancing logos, or transforming various file formats into vector graphics, we have you covered with precision and expertise

  1. Vector Art for Screen Printing: Transforming raster images into vector format for high-quality screen printing.
  2. Convert Raster to Vector: Converting pixel-based images into scalable and editable vector graphics.
  3. JPEG to Vector: Changing JPEG images into vector format for better quality and flexibility.
  4. Vector Artwork: Creating or refining graphics using vector techniques for sharp and versatile visuals.
  5. Image to Vector Conversion: The process of converting various image formats into vector graphics.
  6. Convert Raster PDF to Vector: Converting raster-based PDF files into vector format for improved quality and flexibility.
  7. Convert TIFF to Vector: Transforming TIFF image files into vector graphics for better resolution and adaptability.
  8. Convert Pixels to Vector: Converting pixel-based images, where individual pixels represent data, into vector format.
  9. Convert PNG to Vector: Changing PNG images into vector graphics, preserving quality and scalability.

Vector Art Services For Screen Printing

Whether you’re looking for vector artwork services for t-shirts or elevate your brand’s logo, our expertise in vector graphics will give you that extra edge in style and quality. The seamless combination of screen printing and embroidery offers limitless design possibilities, but mastering these techniques demands the touch of a professional embroidery digitizer and a vector graphic expert. We’re not just about logo design; we empower our valued customers with top-notch vector graphics services, ensuring your visuals stand out and rank high.

Cheap Vector Art Services​

Ranging from simple designs to the most complex artwork, we can handle everything with absolute finesse. In addition, to ensure our availability for everyone, Embroidersly offers low-cost custom vector art services. We make sure that every design is thoroughly checked to ensure accuracy. In addition, well-designed vector art runs smoothly during the embroidery digitizing process.

Once the vector art is ready, we will also send you the file in different formats. In case there are some issues, we offer prompt revisions without extra charges because we believes in delivering quality and 100% client satisfaction. In addition, we offer free estimates as well as discounted prices for bulk orders because we believe in providing value for money.

At Embroidersly, we want to offer our services to everyone. For this reason, we can vectorize web images, scanned pictures, and hand drawings without any issues. We have special tools that help us mimic minute details with extreme intricacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The exact costs depend on the design and its complexity. However, for the simple design, the charges start from $10, while normal designs cost only $20. On the other hand, the cost of complex design ranges from $40 to $60.

We have acquired a team of expert illustrators who can manually turn the art into a vector. In addition, they use advanced software like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw to deliver the best results.

There are various online tools available that vectorize the images. However, the online tools aren’t reliable, but Embroidersly Digitizing offers the most reliable vectorization services. We have a quick turnaround time of four to eight hours, promising prompt delivery.

Embroidersly Digitizing offers embroidery digitizing services. For this purpose, we help create vector art and convert raster images into high-resolution vector art to deliver accurate results.

CMYK and RGB are the most common modes and directly impact how a printer or screen will generate colours. RGB includes red, green, and blue, and this colour mode is used for pictures that are displayed on the screen. On the other hand, CMYK includes cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, and this mode is used for printing.

Embroidersly Digitizing offers the highest possible resolution of the artwork. High resolution means you can scale the vector art as much as you want without blurring the details.

Our turnaround time for vector art ranges from four to eight hours. Also, we have the same turnaround time for customized vector art as well.

There are different ways you can send the design for vectorization. We have an online form on Embroidersly Digitizing where you can upload the file. However, you can also email the artwork to  to get the quote for vectorization.

We provide vector art in multiple formats, including .ai, .cdr, .svg, .pdf, .eps, and .wmf. However, we can provide other formats on demand.

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