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10 Designs
$ 80
  • Minor edits free
  • All formats
  • Fast turnaround
  • Quality assurance
30 Designs
$ 270
  • Minor edits free
  • Minor edits free
  • Minor edits free
  • Quality assurance
50 Designs
$ 440
  • Minor edits free
  • Minor edits free
  • Minor edits free
  • Quality assurance

It can be challenging to find reliable contract embroidery digitizing services, but with us, your search ends here. We can transform your artwork into a digital file with the help of advanced software. Our software and equipment are state-of-the-art, so they can understand the path of the needle, promising accurate copying of the design.
If you have been looking for contract embroidery near me, we are the best place you can find online.

We are working on a contract basis, so our clients can get the artwork embroidered on the desired fabrics and garments without worrying about negotiating the price. In addition to price, we will ensure that the order is delivered at an agreed-upon time.
At Embroidersly, we believe in convenience for clients, which is why we can set up a billing cycle of 30, 60, or 90 days, so you can pay whenever you feel comfortable. We can handle the bulk and wholesale orders because we have procured the advanced embroidery software which is used by skill digitizers that help us suffice the production volume.

Custom Contract Embroidery

At Embroidersly, we have created a reliable and professional contract embroidery shop that can make you look professional. We are catering to medium to large-scale distributors, screen printers, and companies selling garments. We specialize in customized embroidery contract work, so you don’t have to go through the rigorous process of decorating and embroidering.
We promise top-notch digitized embroidered clothes without compromising on punctuality. As far as the embroidery is concerned, we understand that every embroidery is different. We understand the significance of the design and quality of embroidery because it helps your brand stand out in the market.

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Contract Embroidery Company

At Embroidersly, we are offering contract embroidery digitizing that promises value for your money in each stitch. We have set the highest bar for quality because we have the vision to bring a change and transform the artwork. In addition, we have eight heads, which can be run independently as well as in production mode, so the digitization and embroidery are done to perfection. We have also stocked a variety of threads in different colors, so your artwork can be replicated without changing the color scheme. Our commitment to quality and excellence has made us one of the largest contract embroidery companies in the country.

Seamless Embroidery Digitizing on Contract

  • One-Stop Shop

Embroidersly is the go-to option for contractual embroidery digitizing services out there. We can handle every fabric, volume, and frequency.

  • On-Site Inventory 

Embroidersly has on-site inventory, promising zero delays in the orders. We have all the threads and fabrics available to complete the work.

  • No Spoilage 

Embroidersly promises zero spoilage because we acknowledge the high value for money. Also, we use top-notch materials to prevent any tearing.

  • No Screen Charges 

We haven’t set any screen charges, so you can reach out to us for screen printing as well as other forms of digitizing for your garments.

outsource your embroidery
  • Free Shipping

Embroidersly has free shipping available, so you don’t have to worry about extra charges. Our shipping is free for everyone, irrespective of the order volume.

  • Discounted Decorating 

If you need to adorn your garments but don’t have the design or artwork, we can help you with discounted decorating.

  • Fastest Turnaround

Embroidersly has a turnaround time of 4-8 hrs because we understand that your business cannot wait. However, we cater to other rush orders as well.

  •  Styles To Choose From

We have created an array of designs, which is why we have prepared thousands of different styles to choose from, promising easy selection.

Those Who Hire Us for Contract Digitizing Or Embroidery Are Happy

we have been serving our clients for years. Accrediting our exceptional quality and advanced equipment, we promise premium embroidery and digitizing results. The following reviews are a testament to our quality and dedication to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can be used by businesses as well as individuals. However, we recommend them for B2B because it allows the businesses to focus on their business while we handle the embroidery digitizing work.

At Embroidersly, we ensure zero hidden charges because we believe in transparency. However, the cost of contract embroidery digitizing can vary if you get the artwork or embroidery redesigned. Still, our team tries its best to revise the minimal changes without extra costs.
No, we don’t like to bind our clients, which is why we don’t have any minimum order requirements. You can order one or 1000 pieces; we can do it all.
We charge according to the stitches. For per thousand stitches, we charge $0.99. On the other hand, the jacket back costs around $25. Overall, the final costs depend on the design complexity.
Yes, if you have to order bulk garments and are interested in a long-term contract, you can get a discount.
We have multiple payment options available, ranging from PayPal to Payoneer. However, we can discuss other payment mediums on call or email if you prefer.

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