Raster To Vector Conversion Service

The raster images are widely used, but they often break up when the images are zoomed in, which translates into bad visuals for brands. For this reason, Embroidery Digitizing is offering a raster-to-vector conversion service. We use the advanced version of CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator to ensure there are no compromises on the accuracy of the artwork.

Embroidersly Digitizing has a highly reliable and professional raster-to-vector service that can help you save time and acquire vector art that can be printed in any size. We promise clean and crisp graphics that can be enlarged as much as you want without losing the pixels and quality.

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What we Provide

Change Raster Image To Vector

Vectorization is popular because it ensures the accurate conversion of artwork into embroidery. It helps preserve the finer details, so you can get clean and crisp lines. We offer advanced vector conversion as it helps enlarge blurry pictures and big logos for screening, printing, and embroidering.

We have a team of vector art experts who understand that conversion takes patience, time, and skills. We have advanced software solutions that help us recreate the original pictures by hand, so they can be used anywhere you want without blurred lines. In addition, we conduct an in-depth image tracing process to ensure all the fine details are preserved and added to vector art.

Image Tracing: Vectorize A Raster Image

Image tracing is an in-depth process of taking the raster image and re-drawing it as a vector image. The vector images’ shapes can be scaled to recommended size without losing quality. The vectorized images can be used for laser engraving, embroidery, and sewing. At Embroidery Digitizing, we use the image tracing process to deliver consistent and promised results.

We understand that image tracing is a delicate process, so we have a highly focused professional team. Our team prioritizes the clients’ preferences to deliver promised results. In addition, we repair damaged and blurred images to fine-tune the details. Also, our team of designers is extraordinarily talented and dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Embroidersly Turns A Raster Into A Vector File

The vector graphics are scalable images. We create these images with anchor points that are connected with the help of curves and lines. At Embroidery Digitizing, we create vector graphics that are scalable without losing the quality. We offer proficient and highly accurate vector art and raster-to vector image conversion services.

Our team has proficient people who work around the clock to transform raster and low-resolution pictures into high-resolution and scalable vector art. In addition, we provide all the vector art files, including .cdr, .psd, .eps, and .ai. Also, we create a precise and clean path, promising accurate graphics. Our team follows a step-by-step guide to ensure accuracy and precision.

Opening The Raster Files

The first step is to open the raster file in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. This is because it’s important to put the raster image on the artboard to determine how pixelated the edges are.

Using Image Tracing

After uploading the raster files, we use the image tracing tool to trace the edges and contours of the raster image. It helps us recreate vector images with paths and points to ensure the picture doesn’t lose quality when zooming in.

Removing Unnecessary Space

Once the graphics are expanded, we remove the unnecessary space – we manually trace these spaces and clear them out.

Monitoring The Image

Our team is extremely diligent about using the outline mode because it helps us see the image’s contours clearly. In addition, it helps identify the unwanted pieces that need to be deleted.

Refining The Details

The last step is to refine the details, such as reducing the points. In addition, we preview the design continuously while tweaking the details. Also, before we save the vector file, we ensure that the scale is optimized.

Convert A Raster Image To A Vector Image

AT Embroidersly Digitizing, we have years of experience in converting raster images into vector images. We have been working with the purpose of empowering our clients, so they can focus on their business while we handle the visual and graphical work for them. We treat our clients like family because their satisfaction is our utmost priority. At Embroidery Digitizing, we need to maintain the highest quality standards in work delivery. We have a team of professional vector artists who have years of experience in offering raster-to vector conversion services. We leverage advanced computer software and unique graphics to deliver unique yet exceptional results.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Embroidersly Digitizing, we want to ensure that our services are available to the masses. For this reason, the raster to vector art conversion rate starts only from $10. The accurate charges depend on the complexity and pixelation in the raster images.

We provide multiple vector art files to our clients, so they can streamline the digitized embroidery process. In particular, we provide AutoCAD (DXF), CDR, EPS, SVG, EMF, and AI files. All the files are scalable and editable, promising robust adjustments.

We accept raster images in different formats, including .mpeg4, .tiff, .png, .bmp, .psd, .apng, and jpeg. In addition, we accept GIFs for vectorization.

The raster images can pixelate when they are zoomed in for printing or embroidering, leading to ill-designed clothes. However, when the photos are vectorized, they can be scaled and adjusted infinitely without losing quality or finer details.

When an image is vectorized, the image’s facets are treated as shapes and lines. In addition, symbols, text, and mathematical equations make sure the vector images can be sized according to the preferences without losing quality.

Our turnaround time ranges from 24 to 36 hours because we have a team of vector artists who work on your order for prompt delivery.

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