How To Digitize Embroidery Online For Free

Embroiders love embroidery and there are tons of designs they want to make. However, most of the time it gets so confusing to convert an image file to embroidery files especially if you are a beginner.

When you first start this journey you’ll have a lot of questions in your mind like, what is an embroidery file? Why do I need it? How can I convert image files into embroidery files? What are the free softwares and websites that’ll convert my image files into embroidery files?

So don’t worry because in this blog I’m going to discuss why you need to convert your image files into embroidery files. And not only that I’ll also tell you about the best and free websites that you can use to digitize embroidery, edit your files, and store them.

Types of Digitizing Software

Before diving into the details about free embroidery digitizing programs I’ll tell you the two main types of software and they are

  • Auto-digitizing
  • Manual digitizing

Auto digitizing can be done with the click of a button and a few parameter specifications. Manual embroidery digitizing takes a lot of time and expertise to edit and select thread colors, designs, and stitches.

Software for digitizing is the most advanced type of machine embroidery software but there are only a few free embroidery software for digitizing manually, some of which I’ll discuss in this blog.

However, there are no free auto-digitizing embroidery software options and you’ll have to buy such software.

Free Embroidery Softwares

Using free embroidery digitizing programs and software is a good idea if you are a beginner. It’ll help you to understand basic design customization, thumbnail viewing, and file conversations.

There are two main types of embroidery digitizing software

  • Image file to embroidery files converter software
  • Embroidery file converter software

Converting an image file like a JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc to an embroidery file is extremely important because image files don’t contain stitch information, which embroidery machines need to work.

So you’ll need specific software for this purpose. Moreover, embroidery file converters will help you to edit the information regarding thread color, design, types of stitch, Stitch order Stitch’s angle, and its starting and end points.

I’ll now give you a list and description of all the free websites I have come across.

  1. Ink/stitch software
  2. Dime Embroidery Toolshed
  3. 2Stitch Organizer
  4. Stitch Buddy’s
  5. Wilcom Truesizer
  6. SewArt– free trial
  7. Embird– free trial
  8. Hatch– free trial

Ink/stitch software

Software options for Mac are very limited as compared to Windows 10. This free embroidery digitizing software is a great choice as it works perfectly for Mac.

Even a beginner can create fabulous designs due to its ink/stitch extension features as it helps you create designs even from scratch and makes it easy for the creator to both digitize and create SVG files.

This software even allows you to split your embroidery designs. Splitting embroidery designs enhances your creativity and allows you to add new variations to the previous design. You can digitize your updates on a regular basis with ease.

In short, this software has the ability to allow its users to create their own embroidery files and digitize them.

Dime Embroidery Toolshed

This software allows basic editing in design. Size, thread colors, template printing, and a preview of the stitch sequence can easily be changed. It allows you to cut and paste options for mirror designs as well as format conversion.

Dime Embroidery Toolshed software provides both free and purchased customization software.

Most of the features of this software are completely free but you can always purchase premium versions for customized digitization.

Besides these, they have various professional embroidery software and modules to work with and can run both on PC and Mac but you may also require dime Mac translators for this.

2Stitch Organizer

It is also an online free embroidery digitizing website that allows you to view your embroidery design and properties. You can also tag and add your own folder for embroidery designs.

This website is great for people with mini embroidery machines as it allows maximum hoop size. Which helps to enlarge a small design to view its details. It can be easily used with Windows as well as macOS computers.

You can save your file by clicking on “Reveal in Explorer”, right-click design and this option will emerge. This option allows you to save your work in a safe file location on the computer. It also helps to remove or relocate the design in your computer from one folder to another.

Wilcom Truesizer

It gives various options to utilize and enhance your embroidery work. The best thing about Wilcom Truesizer is that you don’t have to install it on your PC like other embroidery digitization application software. It allows you to easily convert and format your embroidery design file for free into a different desired file type.

SewArt, Embird, and Hatch

You can always use these websites but the problem is that they have limited time for the free trials and after that, you’ll have to make a purchase.

How To Digitize Logo For Embroidery free online

First convert an image to a machine embroidery file format. Remember that a perfectly Digitized design is important for a quick machine embroidery as it’s the source of instructions for your machine. However, Digitizing logo for embroidery online is not that simple. You have to convert the graphical shape into amazing stitches on a fabric and this process is entirely different from screen printing. Since embroidery is all about stitches, you need to have specific embroidery software, embroidery machines, and a professional embroidery digitizer.

This process depends entirely upon your choice yet the method is almost the same. Digitizing logos for embroidery is a methodical technique combining artistic interpretation and attention to every single technical detail to ensure the precise translation of logos into stitches. The process takes the following steps to complete.

Select the Stitch Type

It’s part of the digitizer’s job to select the proper stitch types for each component of the design of that logo. He will then add effects and textures to produce different stitch types including satin stitches, flowering stitches, and fill stitches.

Mapping the Stitch Paths

The digitizer will then create the stitch pathways for embroidery to correctly use the embroidery machine and create a perfect duplicate logo. He carefully maps the beginning and end points of each stitch and ensures a seamless transition using specialized software.

Assigning Stitch Densities

The number of stitches it takes to design a logo per area is called stitch density. The digitizer takes care of proper stitch densities for different components of the logo. He will analyze the fabric type, the overall style of a logo, and the visual outcome. To accomplish this step he will make sure of a suitable thread density to maintain the sharpness and aesthetic appeal of the logo without destroying the original design.

Selecting The Colors and Threads

The digitizer will then choose the thread colors that will resemble the original thread colors in the logo and then carefully choose the thread colors that could be the alternatives available to produce similar visual results. The digitizing has to consider several factors like shading effect, color accuracy, and blending techniques.

Editing and Refinement

The digitizer will then examine the design to guarantee the quality after mapping the stitch routes and applying colors. He will also modify and improve the design to bring it to near accuracy and enhance its visual impact. He will edit and remove the altering stitch length and overlaps.

Final Quality Assessment

The digitizer then takes a last quality check before sending the logo to manufacturing. He entails a careful examination of the design to ensure it is a perfect outcome of stitch formation and color transition that gives maximum visual attractiveness.

Delivering the Design

The digitized logo is then sent to a client in a format appropriate for embroidery machines. The client will then easily include this logo in their brand projects including promotional clothes and accessories.

File converters websites

So far I have discussed the most famous free embroidery digitizing websites and now I am going to mention a few file converters which you can use to convert your image files into embroidery files.

You need these file converters because many times the embroidery file format we download turns out to be incompatible. So you should use

  • Free File Converters
  • Embroidery thumbnail software

If you are struggling with this issue. These two are extremely easy to use and are absolutely free.

Remember that, there is no such thing as an automated image file to digitized file converter. You can convert an embroidery file format to another embroidery file. So, if you don’t know about embroidery digitizing, hire us. We will do it for you at very reasonable prices.


In this blog, I have discussed nearly everything regarding the use of embroidery digitizing software that you can use online for free. I have also discussed the types of embroidery digitizing software and the file converters you should use to digitize embroidery file formats. And guess what, I have great news for you. You can always use our websites to convert designs into embroidery file format, raster to vector art conversion and for custom patches.

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