Expert Guide To Correctly Place Embroidery Name On Hat

Many people do embroidery on shirts, trousers, sleeves, jackets back and left chest. However, when it comes to embroidery on hat’s people get confused about the embroidery placement. Since hats are a staple of the embroidery business, many people want to learn where to embroider a name or logo on the hat.

Since different hats have different placement for variable text sizes, you must be aware of what type of hat you are dealing with while doing embroidery. For instance, in the case of a trucker hat, it won’t be a good idea to write the letters of the name too small on top as it will result in a messy and sloppy look.

And that’s not it. There are also different type of hat materials. So, be ready because I am going to give you expert tips about embroidery name placement on your hat.

Types Of Hat Material

Before we go in the actual guide let me tell you that there are two type of hat materials.

  • Structured
  • Unstructured

So let’s get to know them before hat embroidered name placement.

Structured hats

Structured hats have a fused buckram backing inside. This makes the crown of the hat stand up. They are hard and difficult to embroidery. So always choose thick needles and don’t use backings.

Unstructured hats

Unstructured hats do not have a fused buckram backing inside. So, while you are embroidering your name at the front of the unstructured cap try to use cap backing or a stabilizer. Using the stabilizer will keep the fabric in place when you are embroidering. There’s no need for this stabilizer in structured hats.

Where Do You Embroider A Name On A Hat?

It’s very important to correctly place your embroidery lettering on the hat. The misplaced embroidery on the hat looks sloppy and non-stylylish. Therefore we are going to discuss the most common placements for a name or logo on a hat:

  • Front side placement
  • Left side placement
  • Right side placement
  • Back placement

Front Side Placement

The front side of the hat is the easiest place to embroider your name on a hat. Its typical measurement is 4 ½ inches wide by 2 ½ inches tall which makes it the largest sewing area. So you can easily embroider your name on it and adore it with florals and other patterns.

It is the most common and versatile area for the placement of text, design, and logos both round and horizontal. Most commercial embroidery machines cover a 270-degree rotation, which means that they cover the front area of the hat including the sides as well.

However, always check if their front panels are structured or not. It will help you choose the right technique to embroider a logo on the front. So, if you want a perfect embroidery digitizing service for front hat logo, The custom embroidery digitizing can do that for you.

Tip: Digitize the logo on top front if you have a structured hat. And pick the lower front border if you are doing embroidery on an unstructured hat.

Embroidering on the Sides

Side locations are usually smaller and will serve to highlight the name you embroider on your hat. However, it is important to keep in mind that the sides of the hat don’t have enough space like the front of the hat.


Since the sewing field is restricted the letters of the name should be at a minimum ¼ in height for the best results and in the case of the logo the embroidery should only be 2.75 inches wide and 2.25 inches high.

It doesn’t matter on which side you embroider the name. The embroidery will look beautiful on both the left and right sides of the hat if you follow the measurements specified for the side placement of the hat.

Back clips and stabilizers

For side placements of the hat, you should use back clips. It is extremely important to use back clips while embroidering your name on the hat because the sides of the cap don’t have buckram in them that act as a stabilizer.

For twill and mesh hats, try to use a single piece of that backing. A Lot of companies who print their logos on the sides of hats use hat backings and back clips. If these two stabilizers aren’t used then the design or the name will look droopy. You can use one large or multiple small clips based on your comfort.

Embroidering on the Back

Embroidery on the back of the hat is quite straightforward and easy. All you need to do is to use a small conventional round hoop which should be about 12-centimeter or 4.5inch round hoop. Don’t forget to use a cutaway stabilizer.

To align the back of the hat use the marks that are typically molded into the hoop. The center seam aligns with the marks at 12 and 6 o’clock and the edge of the opening aligns with the other marks.

In order to stabilize the back of the cap use backing clips. Now let’s talk about the size of your letters. On The back of the hat the closest you can sew ½ inch from the edge, this is because of the design of the frames used on industrial machines.

Center Back (Fitted Hats)

When it comes to fitted hats, the center back is the best placement. This placement is also amazing for digitizing any name on the hat because the text is straight across the back. And you won’t need to work around the arch.

The recommended size for the placement of names in this area is 3 inches. You have to follow these measurements after all nearly all of the hats are embroidered after they are made.


Try to be creative in choosing the locations where you want to do embroidery on your hat. There may be only four locations discussed in this blog but it is up to you to do a customized and unique embroidery. When it comes to digitizing left chest or hat there’s a variety of placement options but in this blog, we have shared the most common. A fundamental reason is the manufacturing process of these hats. But don’t worry, most multi-needle embroidery machines can handle both sides of the hats, the front and the back of the cap, and even the places in between.

So don’t let anything stop you from doing what you love and the way you do it.

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