Expert Guide To Embroidery A left Chest Logo Perfectly Centered

Many people who spend money on logo embroidery usually look for a classic and professional look. And left chest logo placement is their usual go to option. However, Embroider’s and embroidery digitizer get troubled in left chest logo placement. The left chest logo slides to either right, left my add or down from the exact location when a person wears a wrongly placed logo. Therefore, a lot of people want to know how to accurately place a logo on the left chest so that it remains perfectly centered.

The most common left chest embroidery designs can be short texts, names, small artworks, and logos. The standard left chest logo placement can be done by dividing the shirt in half and then keeping equal margins from right and left on the basis of design size.

However, their placement measurements vary according to shirt sizes. Don’t worry, because this expert guide will introduce you to the perfect embroidery placement guide for left chest logos. You will get to know about the measurements for different designs along with a step-by-step guide with measurements for machine placements. You will also get helpful tips to create a T-shirt that wins. So, keep reading.

Typical size for a left chest placement

Before we go into the placement guide you need to understand the logo size. The typical size for the logo placement on the left chest is around 2.5’’ – 5’’ wide, 2.5’’ – 5’’ high, and around 3’’ down from the collar. But don’t worry if your logo is large. You can easily place different sizes and harmonize them with the overall of the shirt if you understand how to make the right measurements.

Step-by-step Guide For Standard Left Chest Embroidery Logo Placement

Here are step-by-step instructions for the perfect placement of the left chest logo digitizing using a heat placement machine.

Initial Preparation

Pre-Press is the first step. Make sure that you remove all the wrinkles from the shirt. Place the shirt on a clear flat surface after pressing it.

  • Use a scale to draw the vertical and horizontal lines. Use a removable pen or chalk.
  • The vertical line you draw should be just off the side of the collar
  • The horizontal line will start at the armpit seam.

Mark the center

After drawing the horizontal and vertical lines also called the 4 by 4 placements you will find the center for your logo placement. Mark this placement with a water-soluble pen that would probably go away with a wash.

Place It On The Machine

Use Gridlock hoops and find the corresponding grid lines that match your markings.

You will easily know the exact place where your center is supposed to line up so place your shirt on an embroidery machine and trace your logo.

However, this left chest logo placement measurement is only suitable for a logo of standard size and medium size shirt. Since, there are different shirt sizes and unique logo designs these measurements can vary. So, there’s a chance that your logo slides to the sides or get misplaced due to shirt size. Don’t let this scare you as I am here to cover all the details you need to know about left chest logo placement.

Variation Of Logo Placement Based On Shirt And Logo Size

First I’ll discuss the shirt size. You may be confused right? Why am I talking about shirts when I’m supposed to say more about logo placement?

Well, you see that the shirts when lying on a flat surface are paper thin but your customer is probably not. Our bodies have depth, dimensions, and shape. And so when a person wears a shirt there will be less area at the front of the shirt and most of the area will wrap around the person’s sides.

What happens is that it’ll become a left armpit print instead of a left chest print. I’m going to discuss which sizes of logos and designs should be placed on the shirts to get that perfect left chest logo placement.

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Standard sizes for logo placements on shirts are

  • 3.5″ X 3.5″ for adult shirts (male/female)
  • 3″ x 3″ for children’s shirts
  • 3″ x 3″ for a left chest logo placement on the pocket

These are the basic and standard sizes for logo placement. But you’ll need to confide other sizes too when it comes to customized shirts. After all, a 3.5-inch logo that is standard for adult shirts will look different on a male and female shirt due to their different sizes.

Left chest placement for extra-length shirts

I have mentioned the standard sizes for T-shirts above but if you are dealing with extra length and oversized T-shirts then it will be better to increase your standard logo size by 0.5 inches, so your logo size will need to be 4″ x 4″ for the over-sized shirt.

Variations Of Left Chest Logo Placement Based On logo Design

I have discussed the left chest placement based on shirt size. Now I’m going to discuss the placement according to logo design.

Knowing this will help you to visualize what your logo should look like on the shirt.

For typical designs, center your shirt on the two intersecting lines that are the right side of the collar and the bottom of the armpit. Yet, like size, designs also vary. They can be

  • Small logo designs
  • Horizontal logo design
  • And vertical designs

Smaller Designs and logo placement

If you wish to place a small logo on the left chest then I recommend you to use polo shirts. Use the right neckline as your centering point and the design will look best at the upper intersection.

Horizontal Design logo placement

If you are working with horizontal line placement then center the design on the right neckline. However, move it above the armpit line. It’ll look best that way.

Vertical Designs logo placement

Vertical designs are very challenging and their placement highly depends on their size. There is no specific placement on it and many people place it all over the left chest so its placement is based on your choice.


In this blog, I have discussed everything about left chest logo placement in detail. How to place it on your shirt using a heat press machine, What are the specific sizes for different types of shirts, and where to place a specific design? I hope that it’ll remove all the confusion and queries you have regarding the placement of the left chest logo design.

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